Wire Watch Program

The Canadian Aerial Applicators Association (CAAA) and Canadian Applicators Insurance Reciprocal (CAIR) have developed a wire strike reduction program to increase safety in the aerial application industry. The information obtained by the program will only be used to develop a CAIR safety seminar on wire strikes. The provincial hydro companies have been approached to participate in the program with educational and sponsorship opportunities. This will create a stronger partnership with the hydro companies and increase communication regarding wire strikes and prevention programs.

Program Goals:

  • Reduce wire strikes involving CAAA & CAIR members.
  • Collect statistics to be used by CAIR to provide future safety seminar presentations.
  • Establish and develop effective partnership with provincial hydro companies as active participants in the wire strike program.

Both the CAAA and CAIR feel, if members share their experiences regarding wire strikes with others it will reduce wire strike incidents and decrease insurance claims to CAIR. The program is voluntary. CAAA and CAIR are confident safety programs such, as the Wire Watch Program will assist increase safety within the industry. CAAA members are asked to keep the attached form on file. If you have a wire strike complete the form outlining the wire strike and fax it to the CAAA office.

Download the Wire Watch Form.