Who is the CAAA?

The primary objective of the CAAA is to promote safety and professionalism amongst its participating members. The CAAA works with federal and provincial government agencies to design policies that are fair and equitable and, above all, that protect both rural customers and urban dwellers. The CAAA advises regulatory agencies on matters pertaining to the safe and efficient aerial application of pesticides and other crop inputs.

Education and training of members is high on the CAAA’s priorities. Training programs, for ground crews right up to the pilot, are designed by members to ensure pesticides are safely applied.

CAAA and the Environment

Each of our members believes in environmental safety. They know their business relies on a healthy and sustainable environment. Our members work hard at protecting the environment and have a healthy respect for nature.

CAAA and Safety

Transport Canada, Agriculture Canada, Health Canada, Environment Canada and their provincial and municipal counterparts are only a few of the government departments which the CAAA works with to ensure safe application of pesticides and other products.

Consumers of food, farm customers and recreational property owners can be assured every precaution has been taken to protect the best interest of each – including the environment.

The aerial application industry is highly regulated to ensure everyone’s safety.