Glyphosate label changes. Here’s what you need to know.

forwarded by bayer

In April 2017, Health Canada’s Pest Management Regulatory Agency (PMRA) granted continued registration of products containing glyphosate for sale and use in Canada following an extensive re-evaluation. The re-evaluation is a standard process conducted by the PMRA that takes place on a regular basis for all registered pesticides. This process is important to ensure that all registered pesticides continue to meet the stringent, modern standards for human health and environmental protection.

The PMRA outlined some required changes to the label and required that all glyphosate packages sold and distributed after April 28, 2019 bear an amended label. Some key changes are:

1) Restricted Entry Interval of 12 hours,
2) Additional precautionary statements on drift,
3) Certain Environmental Hazard Statements,
4) Additional Directions for Use and a Buffer Zone table, and
5) An aerial application requirement.

A complete summary of the changes can be found in a link at the bottom.

The majority of legacy Monsanto branded glyphosate SKU’s in inventory do not contain the amended label; therefore, we are putting a plan in place to address this situation and enable the products to continue to be available for sale and distribution after April 28, 2019.

Products affected are: Roundup® Transorb® HC Liquid Herbicide, Roundup WeatherMAX® with Transorb II Technology Liquid Herbicide, Roundup Xtend® with VaporGrip® Technology Herbicide, R/T 540 Liquid Herbicide and VisionMax® Silvicultural Herbicide.