Before the Plate Announcement

The CAAA is proud to announce that Dylan Sher, the creative mind behind the ‘Before the Plate’ documentary and a student at the University of Guelph, will be a guest speaker at the CAAA Annual Conference in Winnipeg, Manitoba in February.

Before The Plate attempts to close the gap in perception between the urban consumer and farming in Canada. Modern consumers are increasingly interested in where and how their food gets to them, but accurate information is hard to come by and often feels out of reach. Before The Plate follows young farmers and industry experts in order to show the general population what a modern Canadian farm operation looks like, and answer the most pressing questions consumers have about their food. The film will follow food staples of the Canadian diet all the way from the farm to the harvesting and processing operations and showcase the final product at Canoe, one of Toronto's most prestigious restaurants. The goal is to submit the finished documentary to the Toronto International Film Festival, as well as other influential film festivals in 2018. The project will follow various types of agriculture, including both organic and conventional practices to answer some of the biggest questions related to farming in our society.

 The CAAA has been excitedly involved in this project in order to include aerial application.  Thanks to a donation by Zimmer Air Services we are proud to announce that aerial application is included in this important documentary.

 The filmmaker’s goal is to create a film, purely backed by crowd funding and private donations, that does not have to answer to any higher up organizations or companies, so that they can honestly and fairly represent the Canadian farming industry.  As you can appreciate, student projects like these are completely self-funded and we wanted to bring this message forward to our members in case you are looking for a worthy project to support. 

 Linked Here is the filmmakers fundraising goals.