Export a Canadian Plane

How do I Export my Canadian Registered Aircraft?

Basic Requirements

  • remove the Canadian nationality and registration marks from the aircraft;
  • remove the aircraft mark plate, if applicable;
  • remove the aircraft Mode ‘S’ Transponder address code, if applicable apply for an Export Airworthiness Certificate (if required);
  • request in writing that Transport Canada, Civil Aviation de-register your aircraft;
  • provide aircraft-specific documentation with the request.

Export Airworthiness Certificate

Contact a Maintenance and Manufacturing office in the appropriate Transport Canada, Civil Aviation office should the buyer of your aircraft require an Export Airworthiness Certificate to comply with the requirements of the foreign civil aviation authority.

De-registration Request and Documentation

  • include the document transferring ownership (e.g. bill of sale) to a foreign owner;
  • indicate which foreign civil aviation authority needs to be advised of removal from the Register (usually the country of the foreign buyer);
  • return the last Canadian Certificate of Registration; include a statement confirming that the Canadian nationality of registration marks have been removed, if applicable;
  • provide your request in writing with attachments to the appropriate Transport Canada, Civil Aviation office.

Document Obtained

You will not receive a document. Transport Canada, Civil Aviation will notify the civil aviation authority of the country to which the aircraft is being exported of the de-registration of the aircraft.

Fee Payment

There is no fee for de-registration of the aircraft. There are fees associated with an Export Airworthiness Certificate.